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A career in real estate means you make dreams come true for a living. On a daily basis, you help Canadians find the house they will turn into a home. In the same way you make that dream come true for your clients, at RE/MAX, we make that dream come true for you. Not only will you find a place to call home in your career, you will have a powerful brand standing with you as you learn, grow and succeed.

Whether you are a seasoned agent or newly (soon to be) licensed

RE/MAX is home to Canada’s most productive agents, and you can easily become one of them. We have a proven system based on attracting high producing agents and providing them with valuable support, incredible brand awareness, educational opportunities, and many more competitive advantages. At RE/MAX Crown, we are committed to:

  • Promoting agents with hyper-local media
  • Maximizing business potential and personal success
  • Getting your listings more exposure
  • Putting you at the cutting edge of real estate technology
  • Hosting premier industry events
  • Being involved in the community
  • Topping the Market Shares in the Greater Sudbury area since the year 2000


Our RE/MAX Crown culture: Everyone with our brokerage works together and is here to help. The sharing of “Best Practices” between our sales representatives and brokers is a major mark of distinction for our brokerage. To maintain our RE/MAX Crown culture, we hold optional activities, social events and in office training.

Thinking about a career in Real Estate?

A successful real estate career can be a super rewarding and financially fulfilling career, but there is more to trading in real estate then some imagine. Whether you’re about to attain your real estate license, or you’re already beginning your career as a real estate agent, you’ll need a plan of action. Here at RE/MAX Crown, we are always here to help and believe the success of our brokerage is based on the success of our agents!

A strong work ethic and a realistic budget, especially in the short term is key. Some necessary items you will need include a computer, contact management system, as well as a reliable vehicle that is suitable for cruising around to attend listing appointments and showings.

Real estate isn’t the fast easy money career that many believe it is, but it can be a solid business with high-income potential and an exciting lifestyle. You must understand, however, that you’re an independent contractor and that your success is based on your desire to grow and achieve your goals.

Licensing Requirements

You MUST be licensed to trade in real estate in Canada.  In Ontario, if you wish to get your license, it is through Humber College and can take anywhere from 6 months and on to complete. Please visit the Humber College Real Estate site for cost and more information

Your Personal and Business Expenses

On top of car and mortgage payments, you will also have business expenses. Successful businesses have budgets, and they have a handle on their expenses as well as their projected revenues.

We suggest at least having $2500 to get started once licensed as there are many start up fees (Brokerage, Board Fees etc.)

Add to your estimated start-up costs how much you must realistically put into your personal budget for a few months, as well as how much you’ll have to put into ongoing business needs and expenses during that time.

Be sure you have additional funds on hand when needed because it’s unlikely you’ll be collecting commissions for a period of time (remember, you only get paid once a deal closes and the cheque is processed!)

Have a Realistic Plan of Your Income Expectations

We suggest estimating potential income based on the expected prospects you may have and the desire to achieve your realistic goals. This can help you avoid failure due to lack of income—the No. 1 reason many new agents fail in their first two years.

Develop a Marketing Plan

Have a plan in place for marketing and allocate how much money you want to contribute to marketing. Marketing is a great way to attract potential prospects and can be done at little to no cost with programs that are offered by our Brokerage and RE/MAX. Ensure you have a great brand and user-friendly website as it plays a huge part in your success as a new agent.

Build Your Sphere of Influence

Here at RE/MAX Crown, we believe the more people in your Sphere of Influence, the more business and referrals you will receive. It is as easy as creating a contact base and including/adding contacts such as lawyers, home inspectors, family, friends and people you see in your everyday life! Word of mouth plays a huge part in the real-estate industry and sometimes it is all about who you know!

Choose Your Broker Carefully

Balance your needs for support with a broker’s ability to provide it, then look at the commission split. The split is often the last thing you should consider when you’re starting out.

Consider the size of the brokerage, but also ask about its goals. Consider their average number of listings and average income per agent. What does the brokerage have to offer? Here at RE/MAX Crown we offer in-house training, topnotch technology, 7 full time staff as well as two part-time night employees.

Location, location, location! How far is the brokerage from your home? Are you going to have to waste precious hours of your days commuting? RE/MAX Crown has an office located right in the heart of New Sudbury at the New Sudbury Shopping Centre, as well as two satellite offices in Hanmer and Espanola.


RE/MAX Crown Realty(1989) Inc., Brokerage has commanded the #1 spot in the Market Share in Sudbury since the 1990’s(Almost every 2nd transaction in Sudbury is a RE/MAX transaction). RE/MAX Crown believes YOU GET BY GIVING: a portion of our agents commission is given back to our community, the NEO Kids Foundation. At RE/MAX Crown, we host in-house training, weekly meetings, and have a great support staff team.

We’re an enthusiastic professional sales team here at RE/MAX Crown, and we’d love for you to join us!
If you are looking for more information or have any questions, please reach out to us, we’d be happy to help!

Marissa Arnold Real Estate Broker & Manager
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Marissa Arnold
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